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• The outdoor season at Rick’s Café at the Boatyard at Eagle Creek is now over. Thanks to all who came out this year from May to September to support us! There are no plans for doing any performances on the inside stage in the bar area as of Oct.1, 2013.

• Overall, there is a significant break in the activity for the duo/trio/quartet as we traditionally get less work in the fall winter months.

• Please contact Steve Bogard at 317-750-1179 if you have any leads on public performance restaurants, wineries, etc that you think our style would be of interest to owners and audiences.

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Second Wind Trio

   Second Wind Trio is an extremely versatile, highly experienced performing acoustic rock/variety trio that recently has come on to the Indy music scene.

We started a few years ago at Rick’s Café at Eagle Creek Boatyard doing some afternoon shows on the deck (Thanks Adrienne !)

We began rehearsing with much more passion and now have generated a lengthy song list filled with vocal arrangements from 50’s doo wap, 60’s British Invasion, classic American Rock, Motown, 70’s, 80’s ,90’s, jazz, Big band, a few country tunes. We even put in tunes from Stone Temple Pilots, Stain’d, Pearl Jam.

Historically, we are children of the 60’s. We are mostly influenced by the Beatles and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young and the great American vocal sounds of the early 60’s. We each enjoy singing lead vocals in our individual styles and the remaining singers provide back up harmonies to give us a special vocal sound that we think is our trademark. In addition to the vocals, we play guitar, bass, assorted percussion and use a computer assisted drum machine for rhythms.

We are very proud to announce that in 2012 we added a female vocalist to our trio (a quartet version!) In addition to providing some great lead vocals from female artists such as Adele, Whitney Houston, Bonnie Raitt, Karen Carpenter, Leslie Gore, she adds even more harmony to our songs that feature male lead vocals.

Rob McCoy – Vocals and percussion, Ray Petronzio – Bass and Vocals, Steve Bogard - Guitar and vocals, and Joy Tilson-Cobb - Vocals.Individual Bios are provided in other sections of this website.

Please contact us at or phone 317-750-1179 for booking or other information. Demo CD is available upon request. We have provided few audio clips with this website.
Peace to you all. The Second Wind Trio and Quartet.


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